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How to Complete Non-Vendor Initiated Update Survey

Step 1:

Log-in to Aravo (https://pg.aravo.com/aems/login.do) using the username and password provided. If unknown, you can reset your credentials following these instructions (https://www.pgsupplier.com/en-US/aravo-quick-guide)

new vendor 1

Step 2:

Click “VMD-External Survey v3.0”

new vendor 2

Step 3:

Check if all general data e.g. name, address, telephone are still updated. Ensure to complete all mandatory fields marked as (*)

new vendor 3

Step 4:

Make the changes if needed and click “Next”.

new vendor 4

Step 5:

Check if email addresses are still valid. Otherwise, provide the latest email address contacts and click “Next

new vendor 5

Step 6:

Check if tax details are still valid and updated and ensure to attach tax documents in non-modifiable format and click “Next

new vendor 6

Step 7:

Check if all bank details are still valid and updated. If old bank account will be deleted and replaced by a new account, select “Delete” in the Action button

new vendor 7

Step 8:

To add new bank account, click “Add new banking information”. Enter the new bank details and click 3“Next


Step 9:

Click “Save & Send Updates” button