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External Business Partners that Manage Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

This information is provided to help suppliers and external business partners understand the basics of our commitment to privacy, what our goals are and some general concepts about privacy at P&G. Contact your Purchases representative for support.

These requirements are the basic organizational security and privacy requirements for suppliers. They describe the expectations P&G has with suppliers and external business partners to align with the P&G Information Security and Privacy Policies.

Privacy & Security Requirements for External Business Partners
View the Privacy & Security Requirements for EBPs who collect, use or process personal information for P&G.

P&G's Privacy & Security Requirements for EBPs

External Business Partner Training
Get an introduction to privacy at P&G for suppliers and external business partners.

Begin EBP Training

Incident Management
Learn more about P&G Incident Management process or if you feel there has been a Privacy Incident.

Learn About Incident Management