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2020 Gift Letter - Dec 1, 2020

To Our Valued External Business Partners:

Over the years, The Procter & Gamble Company and its subsidiaries have placed significant emphasis on the importance of unsurpassed relationships with our external business partners. These relationships could not have been developed without open communication and collaboration between P&G and our partners. We believe these relationships are most effective when our external business partners clearly understand the values, principles and policies which guide P&G people in the conduct of business.

This letter is intended as a reminder of a few P&G policies that are relevant for this time of year. For your awareness, a full listing of P&G policies related to our business dealings is always available at pgsupplier.com.

Business Gifts

It is P&G’s policy for all employees not to accept gifts from our external business partners. We have a long-standing request of our partners that gifts not be offered to any employee. This applies to gifts of any value, even promotional and marketing-type gifts.

Business Entertainment

Similar to the Business Gifts policy, external business partners are asked not to offer entertainment (theater, sporting events, fishing trips, etc.) to our employees. P&G employees are informed that accepting entertainment is not appropriate in the context of the business relationships the company wishes to maintain. When business lunches/dinners are appropriate to conduct business, P&G expects to host our share of these types of events.

Thank you for your attention to this reminder. All of us at P&G wish you a joyous, productive and profitable holiday season! Stay safe & healthy.

Ana Elena Marziano

P&G Chief Purchasing Officer