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COVID-19 Bulletin – May 22, 2020

May 22, 2020



P&G External Business Partners:


This is to provide you an update on some relevant topics that are part of the evolution of COVID-19 around the world.


The evolution of the pandemic is in a very different stages by Region and by Country.   While some them are still in the middle of the crisis, others have already started their journey for restarting social and economic life.  Governments are taking different approaches and creating their own maps that will guide their actions over the next months.

It seems that a phased approach is the prevalent strategy for those in the reopening phase, allowing for adjustments at the Country or local levels as events unfold and new information emerges. 


Every Site in P&G that has people working from home will follow the P&G Corporate and Governmental guidance to transition from Work from Home to Work from Office (WFO).  Consistent with our entire response to COVID-19, the health and safety of everybody at the Sites is our top priority and we are managing these processes using a staged approach.  Safety measures will be in place and in practice at all sites (i.e. the use of masks, physical distancing, etc.).  It is important that everyone entering a P&G building follow the Site’s specific procedures to ensure a safe environment for everyone.  As per previously communicated, there is a process in place to notify when an EBP’s employee (or an employee of any of the EBP’s sub-contractors) assigned to work at a P&G site is potentially ill and/or has been exposed to the COVID-19 virus.  We appreciate your cooperation with strictly following every Site’s protocols. 


I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for participating in the “Getting Stronger after COVID-19 Survey for External Business Partners”, we had about 500 responses to the survey. Thanks to everyone who responded and provided feedback on their experience with P&G during the COVID-19. Following are some of the survey highlights: 


  • Collaboration and Partnership: 85% of the respondents are either satisfied or very satisfied with the level of collaboration with P&G in the recent months vs. pre-COVID-19. ~40% provided inputs on what P&G should start to do to improve collaboration. ~50% of which highlighted the need for improved (quality and timeliness) volume forecast/plans.
  • Decision Making, Information Sharing and Communication: 60% of the respondents believed the weekly communications in the Supplier Portal provided value to make faster decisions. 67% agreed that they were informed in a timely manner about business needs. 71% agreed that they received sufficient information on order, shipping and billing. ~85% of the respondents have noted a difference in the decision making and expressed to continue the agility, communication and collaboration done during the COVID-19 situation.
  • Structure and Flexibility: 63% agree that P&G applied an increased level of flexibility to accommodate their needs and help their ability to serve.


Your respective P&G Supplier Relationship Owners will receive a comprehensive summary of the survey. I recommend you engage with them to discuss specific areas of improvement as well as those that we should carry on moving forward. Once again, I very much appreciate your feedback – we will get stronger together.


You can find below the global and regional key developments based on the most recent COVID-19 Government information.


Thanks for your continuous support and partnership.



Best Regards,

Ana Elena Marziano

P&G Chief Purchasing Officer


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