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Global Supplier Diversity

Procter & Gamble seeks to drive Diversity & Inclusion across all regions where we do business. For this reason, we launched our Global Supplier Diversity program in 2016. We want to ensure our Supply Network reflects the diversity of our consumers, employees, and stakeholders across the globe just as we do in the United States.

Our program focuses on woman-owned businesses, and we are proud to partner with two great organizations. We partner with WEConnect International, the leading organization for certification and advocacy of woman-owned businesses outside the United States.

In addition to growing our spend, we are also committed to growing the capability and opportunities for woman-owned businesses and we do this through our Global Women’s Business Development Program, which we deliver in key regions with our partners at WEConnect and UN Women. For an examples of how this program comes to life, see the following articles about our program in Nigeria: Article 1 Article 2

We are also proud of our commitment to Black-Owned businesses as part of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) Program in South Africa. As we expand our Supplier Diversity program, we will partner externally to ensure we are driving inclusion in all regions where P&G does business.

While our Global program is still new, we are expanding rapidly and will provide updates throughout our journey. We look forward to growing with our partners to bring the spirit of Supplier Diversity to the globe.