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How to do business with P&G

While we may not be able to partner with every great diverse supplier, we are always seeking new and innovative partners to help us create value. We greatly appreciate your interest in doing business with P&G and we believe each of you deserves a transparent, timely response to your value proposition. As such, we have overhauled our internal registration system to enable simpler input and reporting. The new process to be considered for business is as follows:

  1. Get Certified – By one of our partner organizations
  2. Understand P&G – our Supplier Diversity website (link) explains more about our strategy, and our company website explains more about our business philosophies and our brands
  3. Translate Your Value Proposition for P&G – Be able to articulate how you are positioned to uniquely bring value to our company
  4. Register Online- Click here to register your information as a prospective supplier

Someone from the Corporate Supplier Diversity Team will review your profile and provide an email response. Please note that in some cases you may receive an automated response from the system, but we will personally reply to every inquiry. While there may not always be a clear or strategic fit, in some cases there will be – and we always want to be as transparent as possible.