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Cincinnati African American Business Expo and Summit

Cincinnati African American Business Expo and Summit Grows Economic Inclusion and Empowers P&G Employees to Act Intentionally
March 2018

P&G’s commitment to Diversity & Inclusion extends beyond our own walls. We recognize that when the diverse communities in which we operate thrive, it creates economic inclusion that allows us to grow our consumer base. This belief, tied with our commitment to giving back to our local communities, was the inspiration for a unique event held at our Cincinnati General Offices (GO) in celebration of Black History Month.

The event – Cincinnati African American Business Expo and Summit – was created in collaboration with our partners at the Cincinnati Urban League, and allowed local minority-owned businesses to showcase and promote their products and capabilities to P&G employees.


Black Owned Outerwear displaying their unique clothing and accessory line

The event included 23 minority-owned businesses that P&G employees can patronize when spending their personal income, including caterers, printers, consultants, HVAC companies, candlemakers, and a variety of additional small businesses that operate in the neighborhoods where our employees live.

The participating businesses had the opportunity not just to engage with P&G consumers, but also to attend educational sessions led by P&G experts in Marketing, Finance, and Strategic Growth Planning. The intent of the program was to empower these diverse businesses so that they can continue being strong economic contributors to Cincinnati. Further, this connection to the local businesses drives P&G’s bottom line: by empowering small, diverse businesses to be successful, we are in turn building loyal P&G consumers within those businesses and their communities.


A P&G employee smelling some of District 78’s signature candle scents

The event’s success was evident in the connections participants made. Within a single day of the event, Moore Air received inquiries for residential services from four employees, and received two inquires on opportunities at P&G plants. Another success story is from Just Jerks Food Truck, who not only raised awareness of their food with P&G employees, but will also begin serving their cuisine to P&G employees at the Cincinnati GO once each month. The business award was made by P&G’s food service partner, Compass Catering, who has been an active supporter of intentionally developing business with diverse suppliers to support P&G’s business. By ensuring a diverse selection of dining partners, Compass is contributing to P&G’s goal of growing spend with diverse businesses in all parts of the supply chain.


A P&G employee learning about the services offered by Moore Air

In addition to the Business Expo and Summit, P&G employees were given a copy of an Act Intentionally guide, which lists many of the diverse small businesses in Cincinnati that employees can use for their personal purchases. A PDF copy of the guide is available at the bottom of this article for Cincinnatians who would like to directly support diverse businesses around Cincinnati.

Special thanks to the P&G leaders who brought this event to life: Beverly Bates, Carla Cobb, Kalasi Huggins, and Tiffany Shepard.

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Kalasi Huggins and Carla Cobb two of the PG leaders

Kalasi Huggins and Carla Cobb, two of the P&G leaders who created the Business Expo & Summit