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Fall Update from Nalini Bates

I am so excited to be leading P&G’s Supplier Citizenship strategy. Much of my time the first 3 months was spent connecting with many of you, our stakeholders. The relationships with our current and potential supply chain partners are critical for the success of P&G’s Citizenship agenda. Developing value-added diverse-owned supply solutions, promoting gender equality, and innovating in sustainability are key priorities in our external partnership strategy. This is critical if we are to take the inside out, and bring the outside in, which allows us to seek and develop the best, innovative solutions. To help foster those necessary strategic relationships my team and I are also developing connections with each of our 10 product categories and many of our 1400 Buyers. Our intent is to initiate dialogues between our external stakeholders and our leadership Brands to use our collective voices to be a Force for Good, and a Force for Growth.

I look forward to working with you on this journey.

All the best,
Nalini Bates
Associate Director
P&G Supplier Citizenship

Nalini Bates