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Welcome to the P&G Supplier Citizenship Blog – A Message from Andy Butler

Andy Butler, Associate Director, Supplier Citizenship and Innovation
January 2017

Greetings from Cincinnati, Ohio! My name is Andy Butler, and I have the privilege of leading Supplier Citizenship at Procter & Gamble. At P&G, our aspiration is to positively impact all our stakeholders in each area of our Citizenship work: Ethics & Corporate Responsibility, Community Impact, Diversity & Inclusion, Gender Equality, and Environmental Sustainability. You can learn more in our latest Citizenship Report. Our External Business Partners, or Suppliers, play a critical role in bringing Citizenship to life at P&G. We work closely with over 50,000 global Suppliers to not only supply the goods and services P&G needs to operate, but also to advance Citizenship in many ways.

I’m excited today to launch our new Supplier Citizenship blog. To demonstrate how important our Suppliers are in driving Citizenship, and to provide inspiration for others, we’ll be using this Blog to share stories and examples directly from P&G people about how we are bringing Citizenship to life with our Suppliers. We hope you enjoy these stories, and we’re excited to evolve our partnerships even more as we become more synchronized with our Supply Base to be a force for good and a force for growth.

Andy Butler