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Yelena Simonova on the New Supplier Citizenship Scorecard

As a busy woman who juggles her career, school, and leading a household, I cannot imagine my life without Tide Pods, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, Bounty Paper Towels, and Swiffer products. And as a consumer, I want to know more about the story behind all these brands I trusted for years and I want to share this story with others.

P&G gave me this opportunity – to lead the project that changes the trajectory of how we collaborate with our external partners around Citizenship.  With the tremendous help and expert advice from internal and external stakeholders, we launched our inaugural Supplier Citizenship Scorecard last September. Our intention and objective were to deeply understand the Citizenship efforts in our supply chain, find the areas to collaborate on, and equip our partners with resources that they can use to advance Citizenship and amplify the positive change in their communities.

At P&G, Citizenship is founded on and integrates all aspects of our everyday work to be a force for good and a force for growth: Ethics & Corporate Responsibility, Community Impact, Diversity & Inclusion, Gender Equality, and Environmental Sustainability. This holistic approach allows us to find commonalities and collaborate effectively with our suppliers, business partners, customers, and communities around the world. 

P&G has been using scorecard tools to access the Environmental Sustainability in our supply chain for almost a decade. Developing the new Supplier Citizenship Scorecard, we used this legacy as a foundation, but set to incorporate the holistic approach of Citizenship in questions we asked, measures included, and resources provided to both our Purchases Team and external partners.

We accompanied the launch of the Supplier Citizenship Scorecard with establishing a new process on how the data is collected, analyzed, and communicated back to our partners. The Scorecard serves as a collaboration platform to open a two-way dialogue between us and our partners. Our goal continues to be – to develop not to judge.

The Scorecard results came back strong. Our partners are actively engaged in their communities, with 87% of them having a well-established community impact initiatives, supporting children’s health and education, women economic empowerment, environmental protection, fight against hunger and poverty, and many others. More than 75% of our partners have a documented responsible sourcing plan or working toward developing one, and over 60% have programs to recycle and reuse potential waste materials. And these are just a few accomplishments among many we learned about.

Now when all results are on the table and conversation have been ignited, we’re proud of what we accomplished, but we know that there is more work to do and we are up for this challenge. Citizenship is an important work, and we will continue to make progress by improving lives of the world’s consumers now and for generations to come. Consumers care about the company behind the brands they trust. And being a loyal consumer of many P&G brands myself, I know it firsthand.

Yelena Simonova