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COVID-19 Bulletin – May 08, 2020

May 8, 2020



P&G External Business Partners:



The strength of our relationships has demonstrated immense value throughout the years and specially during these times.  Protecting our people, serving consumers and supporting communities continues to be P&G’s key priorities of our Force for Good strategy. Shipments around the world remain strong and most of our Supplier’s and P&G sites remain operational – a big thanks to all of you for the continuous partnership and commitment to make this happen.


We are all learning the best way to maneuver the COVID-19 pandemic and your feedback through the recently launched survey will help us tremendously to get better, together.  Thanks to those of you who have already replied. We will keep the survey open until Friday May 15, for those who have not had a chance to respond. You can use this link to capture your response:  “Getting Stronger after COVID 19 - Survey for External Business Partners” link.    Once closed, we will analyze the input in the survey and will share with all of you. 


As the overall situation is starting to stabilize to certain degree, we will be shifting to bi-weekly publications of the COVID-19 Bulletin. If there is something urgent that we need to communicate, we will of course share it with you out of this biweekly cycle.


As every week, the key developments below have global and regional information of the most recent COVID-19 Government’s information.



I’m very thankful for your partnership.  



Best Regards,

Ana Elena Marziano

P&G Chief Purchasing Officer


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