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Action Required - Survey For Suppliers - Getting Stronger After COVID-19



April 30, 2020




Re:  Getting Stronger after COVID 19 - Survey for External Business Partners.


To:   P&G External Business Partners.



The COVID-19 crisis that we face is forcing all of us to test the limits of everything we do. The strength of our relationships and the responsiveness of our supply chains is showing exceptional resilience along with an outstanding performance in all metrics. We want to turn the immense amount of learnings we have accumulated since the beginning of the crisis into an opportunity for operating more efficiently and productively moving forward. 


There are many examples of how things have been done differently, with immense agility, openness to new ideas and fast decision making, among many others.  This has been an amazing learning journey and while still fighting COVID, we want to begin to capture learnings.  There is immense value in hearing from all our External Business Partners about your key learnings, what changes you observed in our structure and decision-making process, and what would you recommend us to continue/stop/start doing moving forward.


In order to capture your thoughts, we have created a survey that I would like you to respond to no later than May 5, 2020 close of business.  You can access the Survey through this link.   I acknowledge it is a short deadline but trust the simplicity of the survey will make it easy for you to respond in such time.


I have no doubt we will collectively get stronger after COVID and I very much value your feedback and quick response.


Thanks in advance for taking the time to provide your input.


Best Regards,

Ana Elena Marziano

P&G Chief Purchasing Officer