Understand Supply Chain

P&G Roles
Learn P&G Roles
Learn about our company and the key contacts with whom you will establish partnership. It is important to understand all these roles since your need could vary for every interaction.
Service Level Execution Agreement
Intro to Service Level Execution Agreement
Understand the scope and the standard work process that is related to the Service Level Execution Agreement which sets expectation between P&G and suppliers. Knowing about Service Level Execution Agreement is essential in understanding all the material needs and the receiving process used in P&G plants.
Supply Schedule Performance
What is Supply Schedule Performance?
Learn about how P&G measures end-to-end reliability of Supplier Chain Materials. Know the importance of supply schedule performance metric in fulfilling the service our clients. Understand how P&G and supplier can partner towards meeting the supply schedule performance target.
End-to-end Synchronization Process
Find out how we are doing end-to-end synchronization
Understand how end-to-end synchronization works in delivering consumer needs. Learn how it is measured and how suppliers and P&G can work together to reach the synchronization target.
Payment Cycle and Invoicing
Learn about invoice and Payment Process
Learn about how to invoice without issues and how the payment process is executed in P&G for our suppliers.
Rough Cut Capacity Planning
Know how P&G manage RCCP and what we expect from suppliers
Let's understand how P G is managing the supply chain capacity and what is the expectation to respond to our business needs.
Supplier Scorecards
Learn target expectations and improvement areas
What is expected from you as supplier to accomplish our target levels in service, quality and financial measures? How you as supplier can help us to improve our supply chains?
Supplier Citizenship
Let's partner together on Citizenship, we want to hear from you
Please be our ally in strategic projects to improve our social responsibilities and conscience responsiveness. If you have programs related with ethics, corporate responsibility, community impact, sustainability, diversity, inclusion and gender equality; we want to know.
Electronic Certificate of Analysis
Join the digitization journey by sending your COA electronically
This chapter describes the work process and application that enables our suppliers to issue electronic Certificates of Analysis for materials shipped to P&G manufacturing locations, using the latest version of our material specifications and integrated to our receiving systems for automatic positive release upon delivery.