What e-Invoicing Options Are Available?
P&G has partnered with Tungsten and Coupa to help enable P&G’s digital journey, and each offers several options for submitting your invoice information (e.g. submitting via a portal or direct integration with your company’s ERP). 

P&G also complies with locally-mandated electronic invoicing platforms such as FIT (Turkey), Medoc (Ukraine), Diadoc (Russia), Prospectiva (Latin America countries).

To check the available eInvoicing options for a country or market, please go here.

Please ensure you perform your own due diligence to ensure the invoicing solution you select also meets your country or market's invoicing requirements.

If electronic invoicing is not available for the selected country or market, you must submit paper invoices.

How to Enroll?

Coupa Purchase Order (PO)Non-Coupa Purchase Order (PO) or without PO
POs which start with number 8
Please contact us.
Europe: coupaeurope.im@pg.com
Americas: Chat Support
Asia & Africa: coupaasia.im@pg.com
POs which start with numbers 3, 4, 5
Please go to Tungsten Page Registration Page dedicated for P&G Suppliers or contact Tungsten here

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