External Business Partners that Manage Personal Data

Privacy & Security Requirements for External Business Partners who collect, use, or process personal data for P&G

 The following Exhibits make up P&G's Privacy and Security requirements for vendors who access or handle P&G Personal Data on behalf of P&G:

Assessing transfers of EU personal data to P&G (Schrems II)

P&G recognizes that pursuant to the Schrems II ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union and subsequent European Data Protection Board (“EDPB”) regulations and the new Standard Contractual Clauses published by the EU Commission, some of our third parties who transfer EU data to P&G will request P&G to provide information about our data protection and security safeguards. If you have such a request, in order for this to be handled by the appropriate P&G resources please send them directly to the following email address: corporateprivacy.im@pg.com


These requests will be reviewed by P&G’s Legal team and worked directly with the third parties.